Important information

Important information

E-bike tours are suitable for adults and children from 12 years of age.

What outfit to choose?

Choosing the right clothing is extremely important in getting the best hiking experience.
You should put on windproof clothes suitable for the weather and comfortable shoes with strong soles. Use the layered dressing method so you can add or subtract layers if needed. In case of rainy weather, choose waterproof clothes and shoes and it is always worth bringing a change of dry clothes. In cooler weather, take a comfortable hat that fits under the helmet (note- a beanie with a tassel won’t fit) and definitely don’t forget gloves, as hands are the first to get cold in cooler weather.

How an electric bike/scooter works?

The working principle of an electric bike is simple – the bike has a motor attached to it, which in the case of scooter models moves the bike for you (you only need to press the gas with your finger) and in models with pedals it increases the power of cranking so that the rider does not feel any weight, but the bike moves as if by magic and at a speed of up to 25 km /h.

Our E-bikes are all equipped with big board all-terrain tires that go through sand, snow and mud. During an icy season we use studded tyres for maximum comfort.

On our hikes, we use both scooter framed (kickbikes) and regular E-Fatbikes with pedals, depending on the trail and the size of the group (combined hikes are also possible)

  • High-quality and well-maintained electric bikes
  • Professional tour guides
  • Properly prepared cycling trails
Do you have to be in good physical shape to participate in the tour?
One of the charms of an electric bike tour is that you can adjust the motor support exactly as much as it suits you. For the purpose of training, you can adjust the engine to the minimum or even turn it off, and just to enjoy a fun ride, put the engine on a stronger level. The electric motors even out the pace of the group members, and no one has to worry about falling behind.
What should I wear?
Always choose clothing appropriate for the weather. We recommend wearing windproof layered clothing so that you can add or remove layers during the ride if necessary. Footwear should be comfortable and definitely closed – this is comfortable and safe.
Can I also order a tour to my desired location?
Yes – we are happy to discover new places and we also conduct tours in the location chosen by the customer. Let us know your wishes and we will start planning.