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Aegna island, also called wolf island, is located 14 kilometers from Tallinn and legally belongs to Tallinn. The island is largely covered with forest and belongs to nature conservation. The area of ​​the island is 3 km2 and the coastline is 10 km long, which makes it an ideal destination for a day tour – the E-bike takes us comfortably and quickly to all the sights. We can see both old military objects and natural wonders. See more in the “What to expect” section.

The hike can be done in three variants:
* participate in our planned guided hike at specific times
* order a guided hike for your group for a time that suits you (up to 80 in)
* complete the trail independently as a self-guided hike by following the trail using GPS (2-9 in)

The tour includes:

  • Hiking guide/in the case of a self-guided hike, an electronic hiking guide GPS
  • Electric Fatbike mountain bike or mountain scooter
  • Safe and comfortable Cube bike helmet
  • In case of bad weather, a raincoat
  • A light sweet bite on a planned trip
  • A bike lamp for evening hikes

The starting point of the hike: Leppneeme harbor
Parking: in the parking lot of the port of Leppneeme
Duration: day
Track length: approx. 20 km
Who is it for? For everyone from 12 years of age / height at least 155 cm. Athletic training is not necessary
What bike? Electric mountain bike or electric mountain scooter (make a choice when booking)
What to wear? Closed, comfortable shoes and layered clothing appropriate for the weather

What to expect

During the hike we will see the following points of interest:

Port of Aegna

In the harbor there is a map introducing the island, a water intake point, a ship waiting pavilion, picnic benches and an outdoor toilet. In the summer, there is also an outdoor cafe and a reserve rescue group.

Stone Labyrinth
A magical place near a sandy beach. Its origin is assumed to be between the 12th and 15th centuries. century and the founders were coastal Swedes.
Aegna’s 11-pass stone labyrinth, also known as Jerusalem, is an integral part of the island’s cultural heritage. The labyrinth has been a powerful symbol throughout the ages, representing a ritual sanctuary made by human hands, a magical place to connect with supernatural forces. The exact time when the Aegna stone labyrinth was built is not known, probably it may be in the Middle Ages or even earlier.

The labyrinth, which was considered destroyed, was found in 2009. 43% of the preserved labyrinth has now been restored to its original form and has become one of the most visited objects on the island.

Wandering boulders, Lemmikneeme stone sowing
There is a rock formation consisting of 23 protected boulders on the island. Boulders were brought to the island from Scandinavia during the retreat of glacial ice. The largest boulder, which can also be called a giant boulder, is known as Tulekivi. The stone is 12.5 m long, 8.4 m wide, 3.6 m high and 35.1 m in circumference. The fire stone is said to have been used as a beacon for fishermen to find the island in the dark.

The cemetery
A historic burial site with valuable grave markers. The Aegna cemetery is bordered by Soviet-era railway tracks, which mark the location of the original stone fence. Several cast iron crosses from the middle of the 19th century have been preserved in the cemetery. The first records from the Aegna cemetery date from 1736, and the last burials took place at the beginning of the 20th century.


Old military objects

There are currently 18 protected military objects on the island.
At the beginning of the 20th century, coastal defense fortifications were built on the island, which were part of the sea fortification complex named after Peter the Great. Finally, the beach fortifications were blown up to prevent them from falling into enemy hands. Now these massive ruins are there for us to see.

Aegna fortress railway dams
Former narrow-gauge railway embankments built on embankment have been preserved.

Officers Casino
It was built in 1922. In addition to the casino, the headquarters, school and library of the military unit were also located there.

Additional options

We are also happy to organize a full event solution. Additional options for the bike tour:

* Hiking soup
*Aegna harbor cafe (also catering option for a beach picnic).

Sauna and relaxation:
*possibility of tent sauna

*Aegna Beach House
*Admiral House


Map coming soon


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