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Osalejate arv:

On the Klooga trail, we experience adventurous forest trails and see the beauty of both lakes and the seashore. See more in the “What to expect” section.

The hike can be done in three variants:
* participate in our planned guided hike at specific times
* order a guided hike for your group for a time that suits you (up to 80 in)
* complete the trail independently as a self-guided hike by following the trail using GPS (2-9 in)

The tour includes:

  • Hiking guide/in the case of a self-guided hike, an electronic hiking guide GPS
  • Electric Fatbike mountain bike or mountain scooter
  • Safe and comfortable Cube bike helmet
  • In case of bad weather, a raincoat
  • A light sweet bite on a planned trip
  • A bike lamp for evening hikes

Starting point of the hike: Parking lot in Klooga lakeside
Parking: Parking available
Duration: 3 hours
Track length: approx. 18 km
Who is it for? For everyone from 12 years of age / height at least 155 cm. Athletic training is not necessary
What bike? Electric mountain bike or electric mountain scooter (make a choice when booking)
What to wear? Closed, comfortable shoes and layered clothing appropriate for the weather

What to expect

During the hike we will see the following points of interest:

Klooga Järv

Sodajärv and the Holocaust Memorial there

Klooga garden city and town

Kloogaranna summer area

Additional options

We are also happy to organize a full event solution. Additional options for the bike tour:

* Hiking soup
* Klogaranna cafes

Entertainment and culture nearby
*Visit and tour of the Arvo Pärt Center
* Keila-Joa Castle Museum

Seminar rooms
* Arvo Pärt Center seminar rooms
* Laulasmaa SPA seminar rooms

Sauna and relaxation:
* Visit to Laulasma SPA Water and sauna facilities

* Laulasma SPA hotel
* Keila-Joa Castle
* Sambla farm homestay

Additional activities
* Ride with a SUP board in Kloogaranna



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