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The Männiku quarry is surrounded by a powerful and varied adventure landscape, which is pure joy to cross on E-Bike mountain bikes.

The hike can be done in three variants:
* participate in our planned guided hike at specific times
* order a guided hike for your group for a time that suits you (up to 80 in)
* complete the trail independently as a self-guided hike by following the trail using GPS (2-9 in)

The tour includes:

  • Hiking guide/in the case of a self-guided hike, an electronic hiking guide GPS
  • Electric Fatbike mountain bike or mountain scooter
  • Safe and comfortable Cube bike helmet
  • In case of bad weather, a raincoat
  • A light sweet bite on a planned trip
  • A bike lamp for evening hikes

The starting point of the hike: Parking lot of Männiku quarry
Parking: available
Duration: 3 h
Track length: approx. 20 km
Who is it for? For everyone from 12 years of age / height at least 155 cm. Athletic training is not necessary
What bike? Electric mountain bike or electric mountain scooter (make a choice when booking)
What to wear? Closed, comfortable shoes and layered clothing appropriate for the weather

What to expect

Pühajärve hiking trail

Pühajärve hiking trail is a 14 km long circular hiking trail aimed at hikers, which is the best way to get to know Pühajärve and its surroundings. Natural objects close to the trail: Pühajärv, Armuallikas, beginning of Väike-Emajõgi, Koolirand, Murrumets, Pühajärve Sõjatamm and Sõjatammik.

Pühajärv and the beach

Pühajärv is the largest lake in the Otepää region with its picturesque winding shoreline and four islands. At the northern tip of Pühajärvi is a sandy summer beach with a beach building, ball courts, children’s playground, rest areas, cafes, gazebos and a boat harbor. Rannaark was designed as a walking forest with paths by the Pühajärve landowner already in the 19th century. At the southern tip is the Kooliranna recreation area and Väike Emajõgi begins from there. The Murrumets hiking trail starts from Pühajärve park, a 12 km long hiking trail runs around Pühajärve.

In Pühajärve park you will find health trails and information boards. The wonderful park invites both young and old to enjoy the summer. A special bridge and changing room have been built for visitors in wheelchairs.

During the summer season, the Pühajärve beach is operated by the coast guard, two catering companies, Otisurf SUP board rental, and Pühajärve boat rental, which rents rowboats, canoes, and pedal boats.

Pühajärve manor park

Pühajärve manor (original name Wollust, first mentioned in 1376) is located on the north shore of Pühajärv, which was one of the largest in Otepää parish. The manor is surrounded by an old park, which has been under nature protection since 1929.

Pühajärve SPA

The spa hotel located in the heart of the manor park offers visitors cozy accommodation, spa and conference services. In addition, there is also a gym and several food places. In a cozy and pleasant hotel with a beautiful park, it is free and pleasant to be at home.

Pühajärve war dam

An ancient oak tree nearly 400 years old. The diameter of the trunk of a low-trunked native tree with a giant spherical crown at a height of 1.3 m is 210 cm, the circumference is 6.6 m, and the height of the tree is 20 m.

This native tree is called war oak as a witness of historical events. Namely, in the fall of 1841, the peasants of Pühajärve manor refused to do the manor deed and those who resisted were punished in the neighborhood of the oak tree. Today, there is a beautiful park forest with walking paths around the oak.

The fountain of grace

Armuallikas, or Veriläte, recognized as an object of pristine nature, is located in Otepää Nature Park, on the Pühajärve hiking trail, at the bend of Poslovitsa beach.

According to folklore, the spring got its name from the magical effect of the water: on Midsummer’s Eve, the water of the spring, which is considered to be iodized from a silver beaker, will create great and lasting love. In addition, the water here soothes pains and heals the sick.

Additional options

We are also happy to organize a full event solution. Additional options for the bike tour:

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