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Legendary places such as Valgehobusemäe Ski and Recreation Center, Nelijärve Recreation Center, Jäneda and Aegviidu are located in the southern part of the Kõrvemaa landscape protection area. Let’s combine them into a single comprehensive hike and let’s discover the beauty and nature of the region, which has attracted people for decades. Kõrvemaa is primarily known for its beautiful untouched nature and active pastime. A person who finds himself in Kõrvemaa will find tens of kilometers of health trails and opportunities for practicing various winter and summer sports, starting with skiing and ending with cross-country cycling. It can be said that Kõrvemaa is a destination worthy of the president, to appreciate our valuable natural environment and exercise in the open air. Every year, the President’s hike, which is popular among the people, takes place, where it is possible to undertake the 10-kilometer journey from Aegviidu to Jäneda together with the president. Aegviidu with its famous depot and Jäneda with its magnificent manor can be found in the area. Come and be a part of all this and more. See more in the “What to expect” section.

The hike can be done in three variants:
* participate in our planned guided hike at specific times
* order a guided hike for your group for a time that suits you (up to 80 in)
* complete the trail independently as a self-guided hike by following the trail using GPS (2-9 in)

The tour includes:

  • Hiking guide/in the case of a self-guided hike, an electronic hiking guide GPS
  • Electric Fatbike mountain bike or mountain scooter
  • Safe and comfortable Cube bike helmet
  • In case of bad weather, a raincoat
  • A light sweet bite on a planned trip
  • A bike lamp for evening hikes

The starting point of the hike: Aegviidu railway station
Parking: Parking next to the railway station
Duration: 3 hours
Track length: approx. 30 km
Who is it for? For everyone from 12 years of age / height at least 155 cm. Athletic training is not necessary
What bike? Electric mountain bike or electric mountain scooter (make a choice when booking)
What to wear? Closed, comfortable shoes and layered clothing appropriate for the weather

What to expect

During the hike we will see the following points of interest:

Aegviidu depot

The Aegviidu depot, originally planned as a railway hub, was built in 1870, when the Tartu branch of the Tallinn-Petersburg railway was supposed to start from there. In the end, however, it turned out to be Tapa, and the Aegviidu depot did not find its intended use. The building, which was originally intended for train maintenance and passenger services, has been renovated today and is now called Tervisedepoo. People who come to Kõrve County for adventure can get information about various leisure and sports opportunities at the Tervisedepoo information point. The building also has changing rooms, a sauna and sports equipment rental.

Blue springs

Estonians have still considered springs as sacred places and attributed healing powers to spring water. Fortunately, we also have one of these along the way, and if for nothing else, the place is very suitable for taking a refreshing sip of fresh water.


And that’s not all either. In addition to the spring, the water world treats us to the Nelijärve lake system, which consists of seven lakes. The place got its name due to the fact that from the highest point in the area, a view of four lakes opened at the same time: Urbukse, Sisaliku, Purgatsi and Ahvenajärv. The famous Pääsu Villa, one of the founders of which was Konstantin Päts, is also located on the bank of Purgats. Popular among the elite at the time, the villa is now part of the Nelijärve Recreation Center and, together with other buildings, is still a valued vacation spot today.

Rehesaare boulder

Let’s measure ourselves next to a granite boulder that is 5 meters high and 5 meters wide. It is rumored that the hand of Kalevipoja is also involved in the story of the location of this stone. Next to the stone, you can find out more precisely what the story is about it.

Valgehobusemäe Ski and Recreation Center

As the name suggests, it is a mountain, and one where you can ski and snowboard in the winter. There are an impressive number of sports opportunities in the center and this is the reason why the place is so loved. Among other things, there is a connection to Kõrvemaa’s ski slopes, a snowboard and mountain ski slope with a lift, a snowboard cross track (height difference 33 m and descent length 220 m), a snow ring track with a lift, ice skating on the pond, cycling trails, a 4 km mountain bike cross track, a disc golf course with 18 baskets, swimming opportunities and a beach volleyball court. .

Jäneda manor

A magnificent manor complex built in the 19th century, which did not lack its own horse stable and vodka factory. The horse stable may be known to a wider audience as the Black Stallion Stable, which has gained fame as the venue for the Elmar simmans. The manor itself gained fame in its time for the lady of the manor, Maria Zakrevskaja-Benckendorff-Budberg, whose colorful life at one point or another included such men as R.B. Lockhard, M. Gorky and H.G. Wells. The life story of the landlady has provided material for several writers and filmmakers. In the tower of the castle you can find the music-observatory, which is the work and concert space of the composer Urmas Sisask and the place where astronomical observations are carried out.


Additional options

We are also happy to organize a full event solution. Additional options for the bike tour:

* Hiking soup
* Kallisaba Rest House
* Valgehobusemäe Ski and Recreation Center
* Nelijärve Recreation Center
* Musta Täku tall

Entertainment and culture
* Kallisaba Rest House
* Musta Täku tall

Seminar rooms
* Aegviidu railway station
* Kallisaba Rest House
* Valgehobusemäe Ski and Recreation Center
* Nelijärve Recreation Center
* Jäneda manor

Sauna and relaxation:
* Kallisaba Rest House
* Valgehobusemäe Ski and Recreation Center
* Nelijärve Recreation Center
* Jäneda manor
* Tõrvaugu Metsamajad

* Kallisaba Rest House
* Valgehobusemäe Ski and Recreation Center
* Nelijärve Recreation Center
* Jäneda manor
* Tõrvaugu Metsamajad



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