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The Paljassaare peninsula is a piece of our wonderful Estonian nature, which is a stone’s throw away from everything for city dwellers. The peninsula belongs to the Natura 2000 network and is an important nesting place for birds. Today, the peninsula is largely a reminder of the warfare of the last century, when before World War I, the peninsula was so-called collected for the purpose of the Peter the Great Sea Fortress. Namely, at the beginning of the 20th century, there were only 2 islands separated from the mainland by a shallow and narrow strait. The strait was filled in and artillery batteries were built on the peninsula. However, the adjacent Kopli peninsula is a well-known industrial area, which was also shaped by the Russian tsarist state. The key word is the 3 warship factories and the labor facilities built next to them, including the Kopli lines. During the tour, we get to know all this old stuff and at the same time we dig into how people live in this rapidly developing part of the city today.

The hike can be done in three variants:
* participate in our planned guided hike at specific times
* order a guided hike for your group for a time that suits you (up to 80 in)
* complete the trail independently as a self-guided hike by following the trail using GPS (2-9 in)

The tour includes:

  • Hiking guide/in the case of a self-guided hike, an electronic hiking guide GPS
  • Electric Fatbike mountain bike or mountain scooter
  • Safe and comfortable Cube bike helmet
  • In case of bad weather, a raincoat
  • A light sweet bite on a planned trip
  • A bike lamp for evening hikes

Starting point of the hike: Pikakari beach parking lot
Parking: Parking available
Duration: 3 hours
Track length: approx. 20 km
Who is it for? For everyone from 12 years of age / height at least 155 cm. Athletic training is not necessary
What bike? Electric mountain bike or electric mountain scooter (make a choice when booking)
What to wear? Closed, comfortable shoes and layered clothing appropriate for the weather

What to expect

During the hike we will see the following points of interest:

Katariina Quay

The facility, originally planned as a pier, marked the beginning of the construction of Peter the Great’s Sea Fortress. Only 500 meters of the 2.5 km long pier were completed, but as they say, “If you can’t do it all, do a fifth.” The purpose of the pier was to protect the harbor from storm waves. During the Republic of Estonia, the pier was turned into a quay and remains so today. The pier is popular with anglers and boats can be launched from the slip next to the pier.

Paljassaare artillery battery

The purpose of the artillery battery was to protect the Gulf of Finland from enemies coming from the west. The battery consisted of four artillery positions and a command post.

Russia-Baltic Warship Factory

It was the largest warship factory located on the Kopli peninsula and also the largest in the whole of Russia. Cruisers and destroyers were produced there. The establishment of the factory also started the creation of the Kopli district, which was innovative and well thought out for its time. The BLRT Group operating in the territory today is one of the largest industrial companies in Estonia.

Bekker Shipyard

One of the three shipyards built in Kopli, which was also pioneering and innovative. The shipbuilding workshop of the factory producing smaller fighters was the largest monolithic concrete building in the world at the time. The factory was also home to the giant crane “Kopli Koljat” with a lifting capacity of 100,000 tons. The Bekker factory also had its own worker’s allowance.

Noblessner Harbor

The former most important submarine factory of Tsarist Russia has undergone a real transformation today. What used to be a military industry has become a valued seaside public place in Tallinn, adorned with new developments with outstanding architecture, a beautiful beach promenade, a harbor, eateries and historic buildings for cultural events. The former industrial buildings of Noblessner today house Proto’s discovery factory and art center Kai

Kopli lines

Those infamous Kopli lines. A settlement built for shipyard workers, which is beginning to slowly fade away from its largely comfortless history. The settlement, which once housed up to 6,000 workers and later outcasts, is already characterized by attractive new residential buildings and a representative beach promenade.

Mine harbor

From a distance, we can also see the former mine harbor and its eye-catching mine warehouse building, where the Estonian Navy and Guard Battalion operate today. The mine harbor was built with the purpose of servicing the minesweepers and torpedo boats of the Russian Baltic Fleet.

Additional options

We are also happy to organize a full event solution. Additional options for the bike tour:

* Hiking soup
* Põhjala Brewery
* Kopli köök
* F. M. Dostoevsky pub-restaurant
* Kohalik

Entertainment and culture
* Lennusadam
* Proto Discovery Factory

Seminar rooms
* Telliskivi creative town
* Proto Discovery Factory
* Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel
* Kalev Spa

Sauna and relaxation:
* Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel
* Kalev Spa
* Igloo park

* Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel
* Kalev Spa
* Hotel Telegraaf

Additional activities
* SUP board ride at Pikakari beach



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